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I hung out at The Hard Rock Cafe all day today. I got there at 11 o'clock in the morning and had an early lunch of a Blackened Chicken Sandwich and Potatoe Skins. It was a really good sandwich and washed it down with an Arnold Palmer (a drink Arnold Palmer invented in Arizona!).
I told the waitress, Karen, how much I liked the sandwich and we got to talking. She lives in Hoboken, NJ and was nice. That afternoon I meet the WHOLE Hard Rock family. Karen introduced me to Stacy who introduced me to Anna Lucia who introduced me to Eric. I also meet Dave from the kitchen, Randell the busser, Stephanie the host and Caesar from the kitchen. Everyone was very nice but Karen and Caesar are the nicest. (They even gave me free refills of Arnold Palmers!)
For dinner I ordered another Blackened Chicken Sandwich and a side of "Original" Onion Rings. THAT Chicken Sandwich was even better than the first one and I told Karen so. She said she was "glad to hear it" and smiled. When I was leaving Eric said "Be sure to come back tomorrow, buddy!" It sounds nice when I write it, but I'm pretty sure he was being "sarcastic". Eric is my least favorite person at The Hard Rock.