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Deflamer: Fireman of the Future


Fire House Rules

You'll never guess where I went today: a real life New York City FIRE STATION!! Station #21 is located at 38th street and 10th avenue and it is the coolest place I have ever been to in my life. How I ended up there is a funny story too: I followed a bunch of firefighters on their lunch break!
When I got to the station I was so nervous I just stood around outside for a while whistling. Some of the FFs (Fire Fighters) finally asked me what I was doing there and I told them that I wanted to be an FF too and guess what? They LET ME INSIDE!!
They didn't want me to take any pictures in there but I did get to take a tour and hang out for over 20 minutes! It was so exciting and inspiring. I even got to meet the Chief who's name is, get this: Gavin "The Axe" Madigan. That's his REAL name: "The Axe"!! I told "The Axe" about my dream of being an FF and he started choking. He was eating pistachio nuts and one must of gone down the wrong pipe. After he had some water, "The Axe" told me that if I really wanted to be a Fire Fighter, I would have to bulk up a lot. He said that being an FF was EXTREMELY dangerous and he needed guys would could bench 300 pounds or more. I went straight to Bally's Gym and signed up. Then I went to Kinko's and made this photo of me as an FF!