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Deflamer: Fireman of the Future


You Know Who I Hate?

You know who I hate?: Eric at The Hard Rock. Yesterday, I went in there, just to pick up a to-go order of one Joe Perry's "Rock Your World" Quesadilla and a side of potato skins and the first thing he says is "Check it out everybody, the retard is back" and then he pointed at ME! Yeah, I'M retarded! I have close-set eyes, puffy features and talk like an idiot. I bet he felt like a retard when only Randall and Dave laughed.
I don't know where that guy gets off when he doesn't even take pride in his work. I've heard him talking openly about how much he hates The Hard Rock and he even told Caesar that he doesn't think the food is that good (which is insane). I took my Joe Perry and my potato skins to see the Statue of Liberty which was very breath-taking. I felt like an immigrant -- having braved the rocky journey from my former homeland of dead-end work and a sarcastic wife -- kissing the ground of the land of the free.
Eric thinks I'M retarded. That's unbelievable.