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Deflamer: Fireman of the Future


Day Two

Today was a GREAT day!! This morning I got up early, ate the rest of the orange I had saved, and headed down to the "Eat&Cyber Cafe" which is down the street from the Y. After spending only 3 hours looking for housing, I finally found AN APARTMENT! It's located on 167 street in East Harlem in a neighborhood called "La Guardia del Satanas" (Looks like I'm going to have to brush up on mi ESPANOL!)
The apartment is only 400 dollars a month + utilities, which is just inside my price range!
It won't be available for another 2 weeks but I was so excited I immediately ran out and bought a whole bunch of stuff at my new favorite store: Bed, Bath and Beyond (Arizona, eat your heart out [You too, Clarie!]). Here is a list of all the things I bought...

- 1 dining set, complete with table and 3 chairs
(so we can all sit when the boys come to visit)
- 1bean-bag to watch TV from
- 1 TV stand to put a TV on
- 3 TV trays to eat dinner on
(one for each when the boys come)
- 1 set of silverware: (expensive but worth it)
- 1 "Toastermaster" toaster
- 1 Pot, grey
- 2 sets of curtains, dark red; like a fire engine
- 1 coreless telephone, white
- 1 laptop carrying case, black
- 2 "back to college" style lamps (independence, Claire!)
- 1 fern in a blue pot

After that, I went straight to Radioshack and bought a BRAND NEW LAPTOP (which I am typing on right now!!!)

When I brought everything back to the YMCA there was barely enough room for myself and my two suite mates; Pacman and Lil' Jin! They we're very complementary of all my purchases but I could tell they we're jealous. Things are really looking up!!!