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The Big Apple!

Finally, I made it to NEW YORK CITY! What a RUSH!!! I've never seen so many people and cars and buildings; no wonder Kurt Russell wanted to escape from here! I feel like I'm living in a dream world. I can't say it's been easy so far though, not by a LONG shot. First there was the 12 hour lay-over in Chicago (thank you Crystal Airlines!) and THEN the mix up at baggage claim (my bag doesn't arrive until tomorrow afternoon) I was about to lose it! Seeing that New York skyline made it all worth it though; simply breathtaking. I'm on cloud nine! (No thanks to you Claire!)
Unfortunately, the place Ernie set me up with is not going to work out, so for the time being I am staying at the Chinatown YMCA on Bowery street. It's better than you think though, the rooms are small but tidy, and my neighbors seem in good spirits. Tomorrow I will go looking for an apartment, wish me luck!