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Deflamer: Fireman of the Future



I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! Someone broke in and took EVERYTHING I OWN! Even the beanbag! I'm just lucky my suitcase hasn't arrived yet, otherwise I'd have lost all my clothing too. You should have seen Pacman and Jin this morning, they were SO upset. Pacman kept giggling out of nervousness; I think this whole thing has shaken him to the core. Luckily, I slept with my Canon Powershot digital camera around my neck, so I still have that.
After getting nowhere with the police I called Crystal Airlines to get the status on my bags and guess what? They're in ARGENTINA! The operator, Minty (seriously!) from Colorado, said that this has never happened before, Crystal Airlines doesn't even FLY to Argentina!! And now someone needs to use this computer so I need to go. Things couldn't get any worst!