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Deflamer: Fireman of the Future



You'll never believe what kind of TRASH you can find on the internet without even meaning to!! I am THIS CLOSE to sleeving it right now, believe me. Hmmmmpppff!
All I was trying to do was look for some decent footage of Fire Fighters whilst training on (learning purposes) when I stumbled across a video starring Smokey the Bear. Naturally, I was extremely excited, I've been a huge fan of Smokey's since I was a kid; he's helped me get through some really rough times.
Then I noticed the title of the video: "Smokey the Bear is Retarded". What!? What the hell does that even MEAN?! I clicked on the video and was horrified to find a DISGUSTING, DEGRADING piece of TRASH that not ONLY insults STB, but degrades the very idea of fire safety!
The video was posted by a young man with the alias "wacky arsonist", who is obviously a child and a coward. I have re-posted the video here and encourage all readers to post strongly worded, negative comments and bad star ratings to let this person know just how damaging and hateful his stupid video is. Thank you.
- The Deflamer