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Have You Ever Noticed?

I went for a walk in New York City's famous Central Park today. It was the first time I had ever been to the park and I must say: it was a real eye-opening experience!
The whether was terrific; the sun was out and it was exactly 73 and 1/2 degrees. Since it was Sunday, the park was really crowded with a lot of couples and young families and people, playing games and having a good time.
As I was sitting by one of the ponds wiping mustard off of my pants, I noticed a young couple playing with their baby and eating sandwiches.
It kind of got me thinking.
They all looked so happy and nice. It sort of reminded me of the time that Claire and I took the kids to "Big Surf" in Tempe, AZ. Now that was a perfect day. Everyone had such a wonderful time and there was no shouting about job security or who was a f*****g moron or why that person was such a f*****g moron. It was just the four of us, being a family and not yelling at each other, hardly.
When I got to Times Square I took a picture of a mural I saw in the subway. It's a really good mural, I think.