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Deflamer: Fireman of the Future



Everyone at the Hard Rock knows about my blog!! The only person I told was Caesar and I didn't even think he understood what I was talking about because he only speaks spanish! I guess I'll have to watch what I say around that guy in the future!!I hadn't been to the Hard Rock for over a week and it was pretty awkward when I got there. Randy and Dave wouldn't talk to me and Stacey brought me a burned bowl of Original Onion Rings. I tried to find Caesar so I could tell him "no me gusta what you did, Caesar" but I'm pretty sure he was hiding from me because I saw him crouching behind the Lou Reed's Pants Display Case at one point.
Later, when I was coming out of the bathroom, I ran into Karen who was looking pretty good that day. She had little bits of food in her hair and on her face because I had knocked over the tray she was carrying, but I didn't mind. She still looked good to me. Karen told me not to worry about those other guys. She said that free expression was a 'right' and not a 'privilege' and I should keep on expressing myself, "otherwise what are we here for?" Then she had to go put on a band-aid because of the cuts on her face. I felt pretty good when I left and decided to walk home, which is WAY farther than I thought it would be. This city is WAY bigger than Casas Adobles!