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Luck of the Irish!

I'm on top of the world today! After a bad start to the morning, (I lost my Metrocard in the Union Square subway station which still had over 9 dollars on it; Major Sleeve) I ended up walking the 14th street tunnel for a hour waiting for the rain to stop. After about 45 minutes, a Nigerian man came in and started selling "bootleg" or "illegal" cds on a dirty blanket. I couldn't believe it. In BROAD DAYLIGHT this guy was breaking the law! Then I saw this cd for a new Celtic album and I flipped...
I'm a HUGE lover of all things Celtic, especially the music. After ten years of collecting, I thought I had everything but I had never even heard of this album nor the record's producer "Trey Gunz"! I was particularly pumped up when I saw the "bonus" (extra/free) track was none other than Meadow in Moonlit Killarney. My jaw nearly hit the floor. Normally I'm not into Celtic Pop but MIMK is probably my all time favorite top 40's hit and this version was by a brand new group called the "Bankhead Eastside Ridahz". I HAD to have it! After a few minutes of haggling with Udofia, I was able to walk away with the disc for only 18 dollars! The album isONE OF A KIND! (Udofia told me you can't even find it online...sucker!) I'm sending this post from my new smartphone and rushing home to crank this baby! I can't wait!!