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A Frustrating Day...

Today was a frustrat- ing day. To start with, I called Crystal Airlines this morning (4 the millionth time!) and was told that my suitcase wont arrive until next month! The operator said she was "very sorry" and said that if I wanted she could send me a certificate for two free cocktails on my next flight. I was so P.O.ed! I gave her my new address. The certificate will be here in 4 to 6 weeks.
After that, I went to Bally Fitness and that's when things got worse. It turns out I can only bench press 80 pounds tops and I can only do that for 5 "reps" (Reps means "times" at Bally's). All the other guys in there are huge an can bench like 200 pounds. How the hell am I suppose to bench 300?! I was really depressed after that so I when down to the water and just screamed for a while. When I do that I do it into my sleeve or in my mind so I don't bother anyone or get sent to an asylum. I wish Claire would get her head out of her ass. Whatever, her loss!